Building a new home can be both exciting and stressful. There are countless things to organise including the finance, location, land, the builder, design, contracts and more. So why add solar to the list of things to do?

  1. We prepare a solar design using your house plans. Our Clean Energy Council accredited designers use sophisticated design tools and software to prepare your solar design. We assess the position of your new home to determine roof direction and optimal panel design and placement. With careful review of your electrical plans, we can prepare to position your inverter and/or battery safely and securely in the garage. Once the design is complete, we finalise the necessary documentation and paperwork for you and your builder.
  2. We arrange a pre-wire. During the construction of your new home, Solenergy will liaise directly with you or your builder to schedule and complete the necessary pre-wiring for your solar system. This means no external conduit! As with many Solenergy clients, our electricians are most likely to complete the pre-wire at the same time your builder arranges the electrical works for your new build.
  3. Your solar system is powering your home sooner. Why wait until you move in to organise solar? Once you have the keys to your new home, our installers will finalise the works installing your panels and inverter and/or battery. Your system will be up and running in no time and that’s one less thing you need to worry about.