Many of us are in isolation or working from home because of Queensland’s COVID outbreak. There’s no doubt we’re using more electricity than if we were heading to the office each day. So how do you get the most out of your solar power and avoid a nasty electricity bill?

Read on and discover our top energy tips that will save you money during lockdown. Not only will our tips save you cash, but they’ll also help maximise your investment in solar power for your home.

Use appliances during peak sunshine hours

Many of us love the flexibility of working from home. It means we can juggle work with home schooling and throw on a load of washing. Get the most out of your solar power by throwing the washing on during peak sunshine hours. Your solar panels will be most efficient between 10am and 3pm. Make the most of this time. Why not cook dinner with energy from the sun and pop the slow cooker on in the morning?

Stagger your appliance usage

While it’s important to make the most out of peak sunshine hours, it’s also important to stagger your appliance usage. Don’t try and run everything at once because you could require more electricity than your solar system can produce. If this happens, you’ll be buying electricity from the grid. Do a couple of loads of washing, then hit go on the dishwasher.

Check the timing of the pool pump

If you have a pool, when does the pump come on? Set the timer so it comes on during peak sunshine hours. During winter you don’t need to run the pump as often as you do in summer. Therefore, consider resetting the timer for two shorter stints. This will also give you more time to use other appliances such as the washing machine.

Check for shaded solar panels

Step away from the computer and take time to get some sunshine and fresh air. Check your garden for tree growth and if necessary, trim back trees to prevent shaded solar panels.

Get your solar panels cleaned and checked

Winter is the best time to get your solar panels cleaned and checked. A clean and safety check will give you peace of mind and ensure your system is running efficiently. We recommend a clean and safety check every 12 months. Learn more about solar panel cleaning and safety here.