In an industry filled with misleading information and advertising, understanding solar and knowing which solar company you can trust can be a challenge. So how do you choose a quality solar company?

There are countless solar companies that spend tonnes of cash advertising on the TV, the radio and in local rags. Google “solar” and you’ll be bombarded with results for $3K systems that annoyingly fill up your social media feed.

So, can you trust the sporting legend or has-been celebrity when they tell you about a great solar deal? Can you trust the Facebook ad that features a photo of the Premier or Prime Minister?

Solenergy founder Mark Ridgley has been in the solar industry for more than 15 years. Here’s his simple checklist to help you choose a quality solar company.

1. A quality solar company will install quality products and components

Your solar system is a long-term investment located on your most important asset – your family home. It amazes us how many people will spend hours collecting quotes and comparing apples with apples to find the cheapest priced system. Think about it. Your solar system will power your home and all your electrical items. Do you really want the cheapest priced system installed on the roof of your family home? Solar companies swindle people every day and we remove and replace plenty of these systems. If you go with a cheap quote, you might save yourself some money initially. But why take the risk? The decision could end up costing you far more than what you saved! Check the products and warranties on the quote and don’t forget to ask about the racking system and other components. Finally, check the solar company’s workmanship/installation warranty – it should be at least 10 years!

2. A quality solar company is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer

Authorised by the ACCC, the Approved Solar Retailer program protects consumers and aims to ensure solar retailers deliver more than the bare minimum standards. Take a close look at the Clean Energy Council logo the solar company is using. A solar company might be a CEC Member, but not an Approved Solar Retailer. Read more here

3. A quality solar company has Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers and Installers

Most solar retailers have a mixed team of employees, contractors, and apprentices. The important question to ask is – are they accredited? If they have accredited designers and installers, your solar quote should include their credentials. You should receive a proposed panel design unique to your home. The quote should identify the proposed inverter location and string configuration. A formal quote from a quality solar retailer is not a message or an email with a list of products and a price.

4. A quality solar company will offer ongoing support and monitoring

Quality solar companies and installers must adhere to strict Australian standards and distributer requirements. But even a safe, reliable, and efficient system can sometimes fault. In the event this happens, you’ll need to contact your solar company to determine the next course of action. This may include a site inspection. Worst case scenario, the equipment may need to be returned. This won’t be a problem for a quality solar company with a dedicated service and support line. And a quality solar company should offer ongoing system support and monitoring. Experience the Solenergy difference. Read more about us here