The Redlands Coast Salad Bowl Community Gardens now boasts electricity. It’s all thanks to an off-grid solar system installed last month.

Solenergy Group designed, supplied, and installed the system to power the 4,000-square-meter plot, which is located on Fielding Road in Redland Bay.

Community Gardens Project Builder Craig Wilson says lack of power was one of the site’s biggest challenges.

“The site doesn’t have access to the electricity grid. And without power, we’d have no water supply. It was therefore extremely important for us to gain the support of a local solar company,” Craig says.  “It means the community can now grow fruit and vegetables using clean energy.”

Generator versus an off-grid solar battery

Up until now, local green thumbs have relied solely on a generator, which pumped water from the dam to irrigate their fruit and veg. And while the generator was a blessing when the gardens opened, the ongoing costs, noise, and pollution in suburbia, was not ideal.

“We couldn’t continue to rely on the generator to keep the beds going,” says Craig. “Installing an off-grid solar system was essential for the long-term viability of the project. And we wanted a solar company that would understand how important the gardens are to our community in terms of social connections and a sense of belonging,” he says.

A solar battery stores energy for later

Solenergy Group was quick to offer its support, installing a 5kW battery and 15 solar panels.

“After careful assessment, we designed a system using a Soltaro AIO battery and 400W Trina solar panels. The off-grid solar system is perfect. It generates the energy they need and stores the excess for later. This energy can then be used when the sun isn’t shining,” Solenergy Director Mark Ridgley says. “The system is silent and produces clean, free energy.

“We are proud to be part of the project. As a local, family owned and run company, we care about our community and of course the planet.  I grew up in the Redlands and food has always been a big part of our family, so the initiative really resonated with me,” says Mark.

“Now anyone can grow their own produce and get advice from local farming families. Here you can spend time with your family and neighbours, get out of the house and back to nature – it’s a beautiful way to connect with each other and our environment,” he says.

Live sustainably and protect the planet

Mark believes it’s now more important than ever before to live sustainably and protect the planet for future generations.

“We can all do our bit. Try simple things like, use energy efficient appliances and LED lightbulbs, recycle, install solar, plant a tree, waste less food, and where possible, source it locally,” says Mark.

For more information about the Redlands Coast Salad Bowl Community Gardens check out their Facebook page. For more information about off-grid solar systems, give us a call on 1800 765 363. Let’s get your off-grid solar project right. First time.