Thanks to a new Queensland Government battery rebate, installing a solar battery at home will be more affordable in 2024.

QLD Battery Booster

Known as the Battery Booster program, eligible Queenslanders can access a rebate to buy and install a household solar battery.

It’s an initiative designed to help lower electricity bills and ease the cost of living. Homeowners can now apply for the rebate, which could save them thousands.

With the average cost of buying and installing a household solar battery in the sunshine state sitting at around $9,000; the battery rebate will help make solar batteries more affordable for more people.

Queensland and federal governments have each chipped in $12 million over two years. And an Inspectorate will monitor quality and safety of batteries installed under the scheme.

Who can get the QLD battery rebate?

There are minimum requirements for households to participate in the Queensland battery rebate program. Some of the requirements include a household taxable income of $180,000 or less. Additionally, the rebate is only available for approved battery systems and installers.

You can learn more about these requirements by downloading the guide HERE.

Is Solenergy an approved installer?

Solenergy is an approved installer for the QLD Battery Booster Program. We can arrange a quote, which you upload as part of your battery rebate application.

When does the QLD Battery rebate start?

The QLD battery rebate program has been launched and you can apply for the rebate via the Queensland Government HERE.

Further information about the Queensland Battery Booster rebate can be found on the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Climate website HERE.

Why you should install a solar battery

The demand for household solar batteries is on the rise. Solenergy is installing more and more solar battery systems than ever before. But why? Well, one of the main reasons is that electricity feed-in tariffs are at an all-time low. Meantime, the electricity rates are higher than ever.

Going back a few years ago, the excess energy you fed to the grid during the day was enough to offset your night-time consumption. However these days, that scenario is rare. This therefore means the payback period for a solar battery looks better than it ever has.

If you’re new to solar battery storage and you’d like to learn more, a good place to start is HERE. If you’d like to talk to us about solar batteries, or the Queensland battery rebate, give us a call on 1800 765 363.