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A residential solar power system is a long-term investment located on one of your most important assets – your family home.

It’s designed to save you money, protect you against rising energy costs, and protect the environment for future generations.

Fact: not all homes and families are the same. That’s why we’re passionate about consulting with you, to design and create the best solar solution that will work for you now and into the future.

How much energy can solar produce?

The amount of energy a residential solar power system can produce depends on local conditions. More sunlight means more electricity. Therefore, shade, cloud, soiling and panel orientation will affect your energy production. 

When we design your home solar power system, we complete the Solenergy three-point analysis, including site inspection and scope analysis, financial analysis, and environmental analysis.

Our Solar Specialists assess your household energy consumption and the location of your home, as well as your roof and its orientation. Once our evaluations are complete, we design a bespoke system that will work for you. Want to learn more about how solar works? Click here

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Will solar save you money?

The amount of money you can save with residential solar power depends on the following:

  • your household energy consumption
  • the size of your solar power system and the direction of the solar panels
  • your usage and usage patterns (day vs. night)
  • where you live in Australia (more sunlight = more energy), and
  • your electricity retailer feed-in tariff.

Our comprehensive solar quotes remove the guesswork and give you peace of mind. We complete the necessary calculations and analysis with you, so you know how much you can save with solar power. Learn more about what size solar system you need here

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Do I need a solar site inspection?

Firstly, your solar system generates, converts, and distributes electricity to power your home and all your electrical appliances. Secondly, it’s located on the roof of your most important asset – your family home. And thirdly, if you’re like us, the safety of your family comes first.

Our number one tip is to take the time to complete a solar site inspection. During this time, you can assess our knowledge and expertise. You can hit us with questions while we work through your requirements. Together, we’ll design a solar solution that works for you.

Once your site inspection is complete, we’ll leave you with a solar proposal and the time you need to make a decision that’s right for you. 

Ready to start saving with solar?

Whether you’re building a new home, upgrading an existing solar system, or you’re new to residential solar power – get in touch today and experience the Solenergy difference.

To take the next step, simply book a free solar site inspection and quote consultation. Got more questions? Get the answers to our most frequently asked solar questions

When a safe, quality residential solar power system and installation counts – you can count on our family to look after yours. Want more tips for finding a quality solar installer you can trust? Learn more here. Return to our homepage here.

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What our clients say

Solenergy was responsive and professional. And, in a competitive industry, this was the key to them being awarded the job. Above all their communication was clear and concise. 

Corey H
Corey H
Mount Cotton

The entire process was professional and hassle free. The team also answered our questions and were prompt and efficient. All in all, a great company, and a great team!

Harald B
Harald B

The quote process was excellent. They also answered all my questions and provided regular updates. Their installation crew is very professional. In short, wonderful experience, quality product, and professional company.

Phil A
Phil A

Solenergy was fantastic to deal with. Not only were they knowledgeable and kind, but they also answered the questions I had without hesitation. Because of this, I have recommended them to many of my friends!

Kristina F
Kristina F

Solenergy really looked after us. Also, we are thrilled with the system they installed. The entire team was helpful, friendly, and factual in their approach, rather than being overly salesy. We wanted to ensure we got a high-quality system, and we did. Without a doubt, an excellent experience. 

Bronte W
Bronte W

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