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The lights stay on with battery backup

Solar battery storage helps you get the most out of your solar energy. It also gives you energy security and independence from the grid.

Are you looking for solar battery storage for your existing solar system? Or do you want to generate power with a complete solar battery storage package? Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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How does solar battery storage work?

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it to DC power. Next, the inverter converts this energy to AC power for use in your home.

The energy you don’t consume, is stored in the battery. Consequently, this energy can be used at night, or when the power is out.

When your battery reaches maximum capacity, excess energy is then exported to the grid. So now you’re in control of your energy. And, you always have backup power.

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Are solar batteries worth it in 2021?

The demand for solar battery storage is on the rise. People install a battery for various reasons. One of the reasons is so they can limit the amount of energy they export to the grid.

The drop in electricity retailer feed-in tariffs is a big part of this decision-making. This drop means we don’t make much money selling our energy to the electricity retailer. So instead, when we limit our export, we maximise self-consumption via a battery. As a result, we increase our savings!

Solar battery storage has never been more affordable. In fact, with an option like the Soltaro AIO2,  you’ll be surprised at how affordable battery storage has become.

Battery storage gives access to electricity

Why solar battery storage?

There are plenty more reasons people are turning to solar battery storage. Let’s start with Australia’s electricity network. It’s good, but it’s not perfect.

Power station and network faults often leave countless people without power. Similarly, our access to electricity is often at risk during natural disasters. Think back to the devastating bushfires, floods, cyclones and storms. Because of these disasters, people are left without power for days.

Secondly, WFH or “working from home” has changed the way we consume electricity. People need to access electricity to make a living from home. This means power bills have increased due to increased daytime demand. Even though restrictions are lifting, many may continue to have flexible work arrangements.

More reasons to go with a battery

A third reason others consider battery storage, is due to the number of household and personal items that now plug into the wall. This includes items such as watches, mobile phones, laptops, iPads, and gaming consoles.

Of course, in most households, there are multiple devices for the kids and the parents. Next, we’ll be plugging the electric car in the wall!

Lastly, when you have solar battery storage, you have access to a constant supply of renewable energy. This green energy can be more than enough to meet your family’s needs. Moreover, when you install battery storage, you take control of your energy supply!

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Soltaro battery storage

Soltaro is the all-in-one battery

Take your solar investment to the next level. Gain control of your energy with a Soltaro AIO2 available in 5kW or 10kW. Finally, here’s why we love the Soltaro AIO2:

  • 10 year / 10,000 Charging Cycle Warranty
  • Seamless blackout protection
  • Affordable technology
  • Safe LFP Chemistry (lithium iron phosphate)
  • Sleek design and installation
    High efficiency
  • Suitable for on-grid and off-grid

So there you have it. If you want to learn more, then talk to us today. We design, supply and install solar battery storage throughout Queensland. Solenergy is also a certified Tesla installer. For off-grid solar battery solutions click here.

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What our clients say

Solenergy was responsive and professional in their service to us. And, in a competitive industry, this was the key to them being awarded the job. From the start communication was clear, concise, and all aspects of the quoting process through to installation seemed to be easier than what we have become accustomed to when compared with other service industries.

Corey H
Corey H
Mount Cotton

The whole process was very professional and pretty much hassle free from our perspective. They answered all our questions and were prompt, efficient and organised everything. About a week after the install our meter was changed and the system was up and running.

Harald B
Harald B

Quote process was excellent – well-structured quote with all the information including some preliminary analysis of potential savings. Solenergy was great to deal with; answered all my questions and provided regular updates. Installation crew very professional. Great experience, quality product, professional company.

Phil A
Phil A

Solenergy was fantastic to deal with. The installers were kind and answered any questions I had without hesitation. I have recommended them to many of my friends!

Kristina F
Kristina F

We were really well looked after by Solenergy and we are thrilled with the system they installed. The entire team was helpful and friendly and very factual in their approach to selling the system, rather than being overly salesy. We wanted to ensure we got a high-quality system and we did. It was installed two weeks after we confirmed the order. We have had the system for a couple of months now and we’re really happy with it. We get great data from the app linked to the inverter.

Bronte W
Bronte W

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