Home battery backup will help you get the most out of your solar energy and give you independence from the grid.

Whether you’re looking to add battery backup to your existing solar system, or you want to find out how you can generate power with a complete package, we’re here to help.

Queensland power outage – what it means to us.

The Callide Power Station fire that caused the worst outage in south-east Queensland in decades, has been described as a “catastrophic failure”. It left more than 470,000 customers without power, including homes and businesses. Essential services such as hospitals were forced to switch to generators to maintain power.

But it doesn’t end there. Senator Matt Canavan has called for coal exports to stop in a bid to keep the lights on. And the Palaszczuk government has scrambled to ensure its other coal-fired power stations can fill the shortfall.

Meanwhile, the electricity network faces other ongoing pressures. As more and more people relocate to sunny Queensland, as first homeowners leave the nest and buy or build, as storms and cyclones ravage our summer months – how will our network cope?

While power reliability in Australia is good – it isn’t perfect. What we want and need is energy security and safety. So how can we get this? By installing a battery storage system.

How does home battery backup work?

Solar panels soak up the sun and convert the sunshine to DC power. The heart of the solar system is the inverter, which then converts this energy to AC power for use in your home. The home battery stores the energy you don’t need, for when the sun isn’t shining, or the power is out. When the battery is at capacity, the excess energy is exported to the grid.

How much energy will a home battery store?

The amount of energy you can store in a battery depends on its size. With different stackable options available, you can tailor a package to suit your needs. The key is to ensure you have enough solar panels on your roof to produce the energy required for your home, as well as the battery.

How much does home battery backup cost?

With technology evolving, home batteries are becoming more affordable. Talk to us about compatible systems and combinations from leading global brands including Tesla, Fronius, Soltaro and BYD. For a free, in-home energy assessment and quote, call us on 1800 765 363 or email here.