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Solar 101: solar help is here

The Solenergy Solar Help Hub is a starting point to help you fix common solar system errors. 

If you haven’t done so already, please take the time to read your Solenergy manual and the accompanying manufacturer documents. Can’t find the docs? Get in touch here.

If you have questions, or the how-to steps leave you scratching your head, then give us a call. Remember, we’re always here to help.

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Help! Getting to know your solar system

It’s important to understand your solar system setup. Equally important is understanding how it works. While it’s rare, there are times you may need to perform a system shutdown. 

This is likely when your inverter displays an error code, or you lose WiFi connection. In most cases, the dreaded age-old question, “have you turned the system off and on again?”, will apply.

But before you do, it’s necessary to know how to de-energise or shut down your solar safely. So, let’s help you navigate the components of your solar system with confidence. 

Hey, we’re happy you’re here! We’re still creating our solar help hub. Be sure to check for updates soon.

Updating your Fronius Wi-Fi settings

  1. Go to the ‘Setup’ menu on the display screen of your Fronius inverter
  2. Under the menu scroll down to the setting ‘Wi-Fi access point’ and press ‘Enter (far right-hand side button on the inverter)
  3. Go to your smart device’s Wi-Fi settings and then connect your smart device (Tablet or Smartphone) to the Fronius Wi-Fi access point named as ‘Fronius 240.xxxxxx‘ by entering the password 12345678
  4. Type the IP address ‘’ into an internet browser of your smart device (Safari or Google Chrome) to go the interface page of the Fronius Datamanager card
  5. On this interface page click on the tab ‘Settings (bottom right-hand side)-> then Network (one of the settings on the left-hand of this page)’, where you can select your new Wi-Fi network under the section ‘ Available Networks’
  6. After you have selected your new Wi-Fi network, click on the tab ‘Set’ and then enter your new Wi-Fi password. Tick the tab ‘Show password’ so that you can check your new Wi-Fi password.
  7. Click on the icon ‘Tick’ on the top of this interface page to save your new network settings and then log into the Fronius App. or online portal to visualise your system values again

Connecting your Goodwe to Wi-Fi

If your Goodwe inverter has lost its connection to Wi-Fi, you can reconnect by following the steps in the Goodwe instruction guide.

Its easiest to reconnect via the Goodwe SEMS app. You’ll find these steps on page 2 – Option 2, App Configuration.

If you haven’t yet done so, download the Goodwe app for Apple or Android.

Download the Goodwe guide

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