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Do I need to clean solar panels?

Your solar system is largely set and forget.  But it’s important to maintain it by periodically checking that it’s clean and safe. After all, your solar is responsible for powering your home or business. And soiled panels may result in a loss of up to 25% in system efficiency!

We recommend you organise a solar panel clean and safety check every 12 months. If your system has never been checked, we recommend you get it done as soon as possible – even after rain.

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Does rain clean solar panels?

Rain washes away dust, leaves and light soiling that accumulates on solar panels. However, you can’t always leave it to nature to get your solar panels clean.

Think about your car and how dirty it still looks after rain. Your wipers won’t even rid the most stubborn bugs and bird droppings. Not to mention bat droppings! Your solar panels are affected in the same way. Even after heavy rain, a build-up of residue and pollutants won’t be washed away.

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The best time to clean solar panels

The best time to arrange a clean and safety inspection is during the cooler months. There are two great reasons for this. Firstly, dirt and soiling can build up during the winter months because there tends to be much less rain.

Secondly, solar panels aren’t as hot during winter. It must be remembered that cold water on very hot solar panels will cause a radical change in temperature. This temperature change may cause microcracks.

Given these points, the best time to clean solar panels is early morning, late evening, or during the winter months.

Solar panel cleaning

What happens during a solar panel clean?

A solar panel clean and safety check will give you peace of mind and help ensure the best possible continued system performance. During a solar panel clean and safety check, we:

  • conduct a panel inspection to check panel condition, wiring integrity, electrical connections, corrosion, and mechanical protection of wiring
  • remove leaves/tree debris and clean your solar PV array using a deionized water treatment system
  • check for vermin such as nesting birds, and
  • provide you with a comprehensive solar system report including photos.

Find out more about residential solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Or, for a tailor-made commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance plan, get in touch today. Because a clean solar system is a powerful solar system.

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What Our Clients Say

Solenergy was responsive and professional. And, in a competitive industry, this was the key to them being awarded the job. Above all their communication was clear and concise.

Corey H
Corey H
Mount Cotton

The entire process was professional and hassle free. The team also answered our questions and were prompt and efficient. All in all, a great company, and a great team!

Harald B
Harald B

The quote process was excellent. They also answered all my questions and provided regular updates. Their installation crew is very professional. In short, wonderful experience, quality product, and professional company.

Phil A
Phil A

Solenergy was fantastic to deal with. Not only were they knowledgeable and kind, but they also answered the questions I had without hesitation. Because of this, I have recommended them to many of my friends!

Kristina F
Kristina F

Solenergy really looked after us. Also, we are thrilled with the system they installed. The entire team was helpful, friendly, and factual in their approach, rather than being overly salesy. We wanted to ensure we got a high-quality system, and we did. Without a doubt, an excellent experience.

Bronte W
Bronte W

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